Ruf "e-gov" - Commercial

Client - Ruf
Production - Elefant Studios
Producer - Sarah Bosshard
Director - Patrick Graf
Art Direction - Patrick Graf
Modeling - Patrick Graf, Dany Bittel
Animation - Patrick Graf, Moritz Engi
Rigging - Yukio Satoh
Shading/Lighting Character - Vladimir Jankijevic
Shadin/Lighting Environment - Dany Bittel
Compositing Supervisor - Stephan Schweizer
Compositing - Miklos Kozary, Silvio Alberti
Color Grading - Stephan Schweizer
SoundFX - TonstudioZ, Tom Wenger


Ruf "Visiweb" - Commercial

Client - Ruf Production
Production - Elefant Studios
Producing - Sarah Bossard
Director - Patrick Graf
Art Direction - Dany Bittel
Concept/Script - Patrick Graf, Dany Bittel, Fabain Gasser
Storyboard/Editing - Patrick Graf
Animation - Patrick Graf, Dany Bittel
Shading/ Lighting Character - Vladimir Jankijevic
Shading/ Lighting Environment - Dany Bittel
Modeling - Fabian Gasser, Dany Bittel
Rigging - Yukio Satoh
Compositing - Stephan Schweizer ( Lead ), Miklos Kosary, Silvio Alberti
Grading - Stephan Schweizer
Sound - TonstudiosZ

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Making of Ruf "egov"

Making of Edit - Patrick Graf